Restore Paper Wallet (12 words?)

I have recently restored a paper wallet into Daedalus. However it occurs to me that when restoring a paper wallet you do not get the 12 word phrase that would be needed if I wanted to restore that wallet after any unforeseen scenario.

What am I missing here? Do I need to transfer all of those restored ADA into another wallet that does have the 12 word phrase?

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Did you already checkout the restore instructions?

That doesn’t help I’m afraid. When you restore a standard wallet the seed phrase remains the same, but when you restore a paper wallet the seed phrase must change, because it needs to be 12 words rather than 27, but it seems you’re not given the new phrase. (Haven’t tried it myself.)

Edit: maybe you can just use the 27 word phrase again, I don’t know, hopefully we’ll hear from someone who does soon… not sure who to tag for such things in here these days, but I’m asking in other channels… @rdlrt?

@Jolly if you’ve entered 27 word seed to restore the paper wallet, your paper wallet lost its advantage of being offline. Yes, you can still use the same 27 word seed to restore the wallet again (as @RobJF mentioned).

But ideally, since your wallet is no longer offline - you’d want to create a new paper wallet to move it offline instead.

Ofcourse, you can create a new 12-word seed based wallet and transfer funds to that wallet instead, if that’s what you’re looking to do.

(Apologies if I misunderstood your question :slight_smile: )