Original Daedalus Paper Wallet only has 18 words not 27 for recovery phrase

Hi, I tried to restore an old paper daedalus wallet and it’s asking for 27 words but on the back of the paper wallet there are 18 printed then 9 blank spaces equalling 27 words… I don’t remember being prompted to write down 9 words when I created the wallet. Is there any way to restore the wallet with just the 18 words?

Thanks for any help

No, when you created the wallet, you were given 9 words on screen to write alongwith 18 words printed on paper (this is done as protection against printer buffers). You would have also acknowledged on the interface that losing 9 words would mean you wouldn’t be able to access your funds.

There is no way to form 27 words out of 18.

Sorry I understand this is bad news, but best if you could search for where you could have potentially saved the other 9 words