Connecting to network Daedalus 0 13 1

Hello, Do you know if the old Daedalus version still works? If yes, how to go beyond the connecting to network step? Everything worked fine about a year ago. Thanks for your help.


Unfortunately it is no longer available, but do you have an issue with the new Daedalus version?


how can i get my ada back? I have always had the same Mac since the beginning. I never sent on a Paper Wallet.

At the beginning when you created the wallet in Daedalus, you received a security seed words. did you copied it? do you have it?


I have only 18 word note 27 ?

I can’t restore my wallet from my machine?

When you created the paper wallet did you follow this step? did you wrote the last 9 words ?

4.A twenty-seven-word recovery phrase is added to the wallet inclusive of automatic printing on the certificate for the first eighteen words and the remaining nine words hand-written by the users. View the checklist, tick all of them and click ’continue.’


unfortunately I can’t find the 9 words anymore

unfortunately I can’t find the 9 words anymore. Is there a solution without the 9 missing words.

Not really, no! You were clearly warned when making the wallet, that losing either the paper or those 9 additional words would mean you lose access to your wallet. The only option is if you can find out where you could have written/stores your other 9 words down

You have to be very careful what you do. time passes quickly. too bad for me. 15K ada…

but try to search the last 9 words, perhaps you wrote somewhere or perhaps you did a photo, or screenshot …

Hello every one,

Is there a way to restore a Wallet stored on version 0.13.1, the app has been indicating “Connection to the network” for 3 days.

Thank you for your help.


You can restore your wallet if you have the seed words.
When did you open the wallet last time?


The log indicates a last connection in January 2021. The 12-word is permanently lost. Thank you for your help