I want to restore 27 word paper wallet but missing the last 9 words

Hello, I have an old daedalus installed from years ago on my computer with Windows 7 Pro.
I made a paper wallet, but cant seem to find it anymore…I have found the PDF on my computer, but it is missing the last 9 words of the 27 total words.
Is there a way to brute force the paper wallet without those 9 words?
I have tried to run daedalus again and it hangs and does not open.
I downloaded a new version, and when I run the install it says I need to upgrade windows.
I have the 12 words from my original wallet which I have tried to use to restore on Yoroi, but it says that there is no balance and does not continue.
I know I must find the paper wallet, but is there any chance of brute forcing the wallet instead? It is looking more and more like I wont be able to find it anymore and I have a nice chunk of ADA locked in that wallet.
I found 5 different backups of the paper wallet on my computer, email, dropbox etc, but they are all the same pdf, and dont have my last 9 words.
Any suggestions?

It could be that your formatting is messed up in your PDF preventing you from seeing it. Try opening it up in something else, Kindle, Apple Books, or even an editor

I have tried to use to restore on Yoroi, but it says that there is no balance and does not continue.

The error you’re probably seeing right now (assuming you tried to restore on Yoroi recently) is that our server no longer handles processing wallet upgrades from Daedalus to Yoroi (as a result of us upgrading stuff to Shelley)

The missing 9 words is suppose to be your paper wallet password on Daedalus. You might remember that when you created your paper wallet, it asked you to write 9 words by hand afterwards. If you don’t have that, you

It is possible to brute-force the 9-word, but is not financially doable for the average person

Is there a service or company that you know of that can do this for a price?
The missing 9 words were written on paper, but I am not currently able to find that piece of paper anywhere.
It may not be financially viable now, but maybe one day it will be if I still cannot find the original words I wrote down…I think there is just over 100k ADA on that wallet.