Beware - ADA restored from a paper wallet to Daedalus can not be sent/spent - under certain conditions

I’m very frustrated with the recent experience I had restoring ADA from a paper wallet.
Videos by philpa, Rick, Crypto Dad restoring from a paper wallet make it seem easy. But they don’t show all the options.

I have moved most of my ADA to paper wallets for security. I decided to complete ALL of the steps needed to send/spend the restored ADA. That’s when the problems began.

When restoring ADA from a paper wallet to Daedalus, you enter your 27 word phrase. Then, the system asks whether or not you want to use a spending password for the restored wallet. I chose NOT to use a spending password.

A new Daedalus wallet was created and my ADA was moved into it. At this point, I threw away my 27 word phrase for the paper wallet.

Several days later, I decided to send some of this restored ADA to another address. On the ‘Confirm Transaction’ screen, the system asked for the address and the amount. However, the system required a spending password and would not continue to complete the transaction until I entered one. Obviously, there was no spending password.

I’m stuck. My ADA appears to be in Daedalus - but I can’t access it.

Has anyone had this problem?

Delete the wallet snd restore it again using the new seed phrase. Set a spending password this time. Done.

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As I mentioned in my email, since the system appeared to restore, and ADA showed up in the Daedalus wallet, I then threw away the 27 word phrase.

So, I can not restore a second time, since I no longer have the 27 word phrase.

ADA appears in my Daedalus wallet, but I can not send/spend it – since Daedalus keeps requesting the spending password.

When restoring, the system gave me the option of using a spending password or not, and I chose NOT to use a spending password.

If the system had REQUIRED me to create spending password when restoration occurred, there would be no problem. But, the system gave me the OPTION.

Sorry you’re having such trouble, I believe your best option at this point is to submit a support request here:

You could also describe your situation in the Telegram group


Understood. But you still have the pass phrase of your Daedalus wallet, I assume? Then you should be able to delete and restore Daedalus and set a spending password this time.

Hi Martin, long time no see!

I haven’t done this myself but I looked it up on the support site. On the page on restoring a Daedalus paper wallet, there is no mention of getting and keeping safe a new 12 word seed phrase. It would be good to hear from people who have done this.

12 words would restore the original Daedalus wallet, not the imported paper wallet.

Yes, that’s exactly what is necessary if he moved the funds to Daedalus and cannot spend it from there any more. At least if I understand it correctly…

He hasn’t moved anything. Daedalus creates a new wallet instance when you restore your paper wallet. Those 27 words is a recovery phrase for that new wallet. It was a bad idea to though it away.


Thanks, I didn’t know that. That’s bad news for @nnoit.

Just to confirm / correct something, if you havnt specified a spending password while restoring, you will not be prompted for a password. Just did a test to prove the case:

As you could see, if Spending password was unchecked while restoring, you wouldnt have been prompted for the password.
So it would be in your best interest to see what spending password was set (I understand you think you didnt set it, but apparently you have :slight_smile: ). So try to use likely combinations that you could have set


I just tried to replicate the creating of a paper wallet and saving without entering a spending. Yes, the system allows you to NOT create a spending password - just as you demonstrated - and you then can send ADA from the restored Daedalus wallet without using a spending password. Somehow, it must have been my error. Somehow, I must have created a spending password - but not written it down. Thanks for your feedback.


… Also, it appears that when you restore your paper wallet into Daedalus, there is no 12 word phrase. is this your understanding?

Yes, restoring a wallet does not create a new wallet (thus, you dont see new seed). This is indeed what you would expect :+1:

Lessons learned: never ever and under no circumstances throw away your seed phrase (unless you are not planning to use that wallet again).

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