Windows Stake pool

Hi all. I have a windows server set up, certificates in place, but I see conflicting info on whether I can run a windows based stake pool, or if it needs to be linux.

Can anyone clarify please, and if possible provide or point me to a guide for creating a windows based stake pool? TIA :slight_smile:

Windows is shown as supported here, but all the link for guidance is broken.

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Hello and welcome back to the forum @Plastic,

can you please copy and paste the link you mentioned that is broken?

For setting up a pool @rodri collected some (if not all) good tutorials and how-tows here: Useful resources to run a Stake Pool

Windows may be a little problematic right now, (today) unless you fight your way through. We’d love to hear your feedback on that.

hi @adatainment - thanks for the welcome back :slight_smile:
Half way down the page - under the banner ‘how do I set up a stake pool?’ the ‘learn how’ link takes you to the testnet page and returns a 404…

Happy to fight my way through the process, ill look at the links. It would be very nice if the stake pool function was built into the Daedalus GUI - but i guess that may take a while :slight_smile:

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According to this new post you have to install from source, which apparently requires Linux.

Thanks, it is possible to run the cmd line tools in windows with GitBash, but the information was not clear, and as I was late to the party for the snapshot I gave up with the testnet. Now that we have staking on main net I’d like to try again.
Some info in the git…

I’m not actually involved at all and might be wrong, but I used to be a developer, and my take on this is that there’s a big difference between merely using command line tools and actually installing from source, for which you need all of the libraries for the OS you’re using.

quite right, it may not be possible currently, but I’m keen to give it a go if/when it is :slight_smile:

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The node has been built and tested in a Windows environment as part of our standard development process. We would expect it to behave in essentially the same way as on Linux.
However, networking will have higher costs on Windows, absolute performance may be lower, and setup/pool management may be more difficult (WSL provides bash compatibility on Windows 10 for scripting etc, which may be helpful). For these reasons, we would recommend that you deploy stake pools on Linux where possible.

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Thanks @Andy_Hendrikx - do you have a comprehensive, end to end deployment guide for Windows?
Failing that, a comprehensive, end to end guide for Linux?

Ive found the documentation to be a bit fragmented, but I may be looking in the wrong place (or this may just be the result of current devops processes which fragment everything :slight_smile: ) TIA

There isn’t any Windows documentation from an official source that I know of yet. It’s either finding your own way, coming across community generated docs or waiting for official documentation.

Whatever you choose - good luck!