About the staking pool Which Operation System do you recommend?


I’m planning to deploy the stake pool. tonight The below operation guide says which OS is OK.
But, I can’t decide between CentOS or Windows 10.
Which OS do you recommend like deploying easiliy or operating easily?

We support Linux, Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD), Mac, and Windows platforms. The following versions are required:

  • Linux (2.6.18 or later)
  • BSD (NetBSD 8.x and FreeBSD 12.x)
  • OSX (10.7 Lion or later)
  • Windows 10

Its better not get things complicated at the start, for example, in order to use cent os with some configurations that was used in Ubuntu, will require a kernel update… some details that will make you lost some time around to solve… i will suggest just start with 18.04 and then, try others OSs


Hi tsnnst,

Thank you for the quick response! Your advice is highly appreciated.
I will try Ubuntu 18.04 first.
Once again, Thank you for your support!


Dear All,
I consider myself a rather experienced sysadmin, and have been using FreeBSD, and to a good extend, OpenBSD for years. There are compelling reasons to use *BSD, so I tried to follow the setup instructions, but failed - probably due to some versioning issues with regards to Haskell. Any experience by those that have built the node from source would be highly welcome.
Last, but not least, a huge “Thank you!” to the Cardano community for their tremendous, diligent and outstanding work.