[Windows] Use Daedelus testnet to create native token

Hi guys,

I currently doing a bit of development on windows (yes I know not the ideal etc…)
And I want to use a cardano-node sync with the testnet to perform some node-cli operation…
In order to avoid having many instances, I was thinking of using the cardano node from daedalus testnet.

I found the binary, however does anyone know where is located the CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH equivalent?

Or maybe it’s not a good idea and I shall download another binary and run it a separate folders ?

Thanks in advance,

You can download the daedalus logs and search in the cardano-wallet.log for --node-socket, you will find something like \.\pipe\cardano-node-mainnet.9056.0, then use this value for your CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH environment variable and it will work, however note that this changes every time daedalus boots up and will require manual adjustment.

Thanks, Clemens, sorry that I did not update my previous post, but yes I found it exactly as you mentioned by exploring the logs of Daedalus… To be honest I was wondering what was doing such a weird path name on windows… Anyway after, many considerations, I found it simpler to have it on a Linux machine… I created a custom config to deploy automatically my code instantly on a remote Linux server where I have the cardano cli correctly in the path and some debugging possibility via various ssh port forwarding… At least, I know there that my node is purely from the source code…