Sharing ledger database between cardano-node and Daedalus

Hi, I am struggling running the cardano-node pointing to the Deadalus ledger.
I wonder if you could give me some tips or point me to the right documentation/information.
I am runnning on the Preview Tesnet.

When I run cardano-node, I can run a query that tells me the database is sync to 100%

$ ./cardano-cli query tip --testnet-magic 2
    "block": 258714,
    "epoch": 62,
    "era": "Babbage",
    "hash": "3967dd604e0cb538264fdfb785c0240c2bac065a21d74e82791440f12903e790",
    "slot": 5392351,
    "syncProgress": "100.00"

If I then close the node, start Daedalus, and run the same command, I get this.
Note how the slot number is almost the same on both queries, but the sync % is very different.
Daedalus is stuck at 44% and would not move.

$ ./cardano-cli query tip --testnet-magic 2
    "block": 258282,
    "epoch": 62,
    "era": "Babbage",
    "hash": "6e314d5baa938034208d1c7c082b0e8edb44985316ad159f5c079dabebd82682",
    "slot": 5383347,
    "syncProgress": "44.70"

I am running on Linux and started the node as follows.
I think the problem may be the network configuration files.
When I start the cardano-node, I used config files I got online.
Perhaps the ones used by Dedalus are different? I am not sure where they get stored (Linux).

./cardano-node run --topology ./lpconfig/topology.json --database-path ~/.local/share/Daedalus/preview/chain --port 3001 --config ./lpconfig/config.json --socket-path ~/.local/share/Daedalus/preview/cardano-node.socket


Shot in the dark: If I read the announcements of IOG correctly, they introduced a feature (SECP elliptic curve cryptography in Plutus) that is only available with version 1.35.4 and that is already activated on Preview.

It seems that the node inside Daedalus is still 1.35.3. So, that might explain why it gets stuck once it reaches blocks that already use SECP. But I don’t even find the Preview/Preprod downloads on the Deadalus homepage anymore.

Personally, I don’t use Daedalus anymore for anything.

Try in ~/.local/share/Daedalus. The executable should be in ~/.local/bin

Also start Daedalus, then run ps auxf | grep -i cardano and see if there’s some info about the process you can use. I uninstalled it long time ago so can’t test locally.

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