Woke Forum?

Hey @DaedalusVoyage

of course there are better ways. I wanted to say it in a sentence where i used the word idiot or the same as the missing of smart. To the rest of your message: i share your opinion.

Hey @Zendesigner
is it weak to respect each other?
is it weak to take care of each other?
is it weak to help each other?

For me the friendly interaction with each other even in this forum is a form of respect. If you explain why someone is an blundering idiot it is better then just saying it. In our Code of Conduct are the rules for this community which every one have agreed to. I would suggest you to read them, because there also stand: criticise ideas, not people and Be civil. Don’t post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or hate speech.


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Dear @Zendesigner ,
Read Thread: Your attitude seems outdated to me.

Not sure about your “our heritage” remark, but I think I can understand the rest of your perspective. I see people creating a new virtual and global identity - but it does start with “cultures meeting in the middle.”

Personally, I’ve never learned well from being called stupid - but you never said you were a teacher.

As Charles H. stated . . . “we have to be the adults in the room.”

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