Woke Forum?

So is this forum also riddled with woke people taking down post cause it might offend someone??? Sad state for Cardano…

I think if someone has been scammed, you dont really have to call them “stupid” or whatever you did.

If you would like to discuss that case any futher, feel free to DM me.



Hello, I don’t think you’re taking the right position here. The restaurant example was not bad, but the adjective used with the user was.

You are now calling someone else inappropriately simply because they disagree with you. Please remember to criticize ideas, not people.



i’m not calling them inappropriate because they disagree, i’m calling them that because they use censorship and delete opinions…

Anyone would understand that leaving your wallet on a table is doing something stupid… What do you need to say than… You were really smart ??? People make mistakes, everyone does… Normal people learn and move on… woke people start crying that someone called their mistake their own responsibility and stupidity… It probably was someone else , cause they are perfect… Even the thought of coming to whine on a forum and make the creator of something like Cardano responsible because you can’t even admit to yourself you did a stupid thing is mind boggling…

Young people have no self reflection anymore, no spine, overly entitled and no accountability for their own mistakes…
You did something stupid… it’s an opinion and a fact… Deal with it!

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I think it’s just a matter of tone.
You can say to everyone that you think he/she is doing something wrong. But in a respectful way.
Calling someone stupid is not OK. Explaining him/her that he did something stupid is OK.
Have not read the original post, so I don’t know what happend … just my opinion in general …


Feeling the breeze of the cloud forums early days!

I do agree we are living the time of PC babies like 2 great minds put it! (PC being political correct mind you)

Now, turning this into “real political” ideologies is, to say the least, ridiculous.

If this forum is getting already like this, I’m gonna have a tremendous time in the next years!

Thank you guys!


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omg we want to have a conversation without rude people - so crazy.
Won’t even permit name calling - really sad.

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I don’t think there is anything controversial about not being rude to people who are new to cryptocurrency and Cardano that have unfortunately been scammed.

If you’ve been in crypto a while you know about these fraudsters but with more and more adoption there will be people that are new to the technology never mind the ever increasing sophistication of the scams

I think as a community we need to support new people in the space and try and close down the scammers whenever possible.

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In terms of content, anything should be possible, provided that that information is shared with respect for the receiver of the message. That means that a message can still be confrontational because that is sometimes needed. For example: “You sent money to somebody you didn’t know and in the process lost control of your funds. Even though I understand how one can be tricked into doing this, it may have been naïve.” That sounds better than calling people names.

I used to be very rude in my language, and it’s not always easy to see in your own writing. Maybe something like Grammarly can help? I suspect you’re flemish or maybe dutch, and I can tell you from experience with multiple cultures that we are very confrontational. The internet is multicultural, and we should adjust to that reality.

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you guy’s are just portraying the exact behaviour i want to address. It’s always about tone, and not offending , and adjusting and destroying our heritage to make sure we don’t offend anyone… Well you can’t … You get into a really sad and miserable society if no-one can say anything anymore besides the politically correct way of saying things. Let’s change some more disney cartoons that have been around for ages cause some part might offend someone… Let’s mute idea’s in fora and facebook and instagram cause we don’t adhere to Political correctness, which is basically left wing society… Let’s all smile and stab nifes in people backs cause as long as a said it nicely it’s ok…

It’s not about the tone, it’s about accountability, knowledge , responsibility of your own thing. It’s about owning your own Sh$t… If you don’t understand this technology , stay away… if you are susceptible to greed, and your greed get’s you scammed, stay away… Nowhere in the world when you lose your wallet, the bank, the governement is gonna reimburse you. Let alone when you yourself send money to the wrong address… The police might note down your complaint and then classify it vertically.

Bad people exist, they take advantage of good ones. it’s a fact of life… And if 15 people have already said to the OP in a nice way… and they still don’t understand it. a bit stronger message is necessary
If you censor this away, wait till the next censor takes away your message…

Political correctness is an extreme slippery slope the world is on , and it does more bad then good.
And that’s my opinion, so you either like it or don’t and scroll on… It has as much value as yours…

And cultures meet in the middle , not in not trying to offend anyone, cause that’s simply impossible… not in adjusting to the lowest common denominator…


I think its not about censoring any posts here. But if you want to participate here in this forum, then you have to behave respectfully. this also includes a certain empathy.


there you go again… judging my morals and others…

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If you fail to explain something to people in a decent tone, you shouldn’t spend time trying to educate people. It is not your responsibility to make people understand, it’s their own, and if a decent tone doesn’t work, a more aggressive one won’t either.


My online forum experience is vast, since I started in 2001; and let me tell you guys something, if you don’t already know, this forum is one of the most educated and curated I’ve been associated with.

If STILL you can’t hold the, little to none, pressure, well, I’m afraid that poses the question of in what cave you have been living for the last 31 years. Is it like Tom Hanks in that “apocalyptic” movie? Well well well…

I can recommend some still active forums where you can experience a hard-to-get upgrade in your “morals and dogma”.


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If calling someone stupid is not recommended, which better word does this forum suggest?

stu•pid stoo͞′pĭd, styoo͞′-

  • adj.
    Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.

  • adj.
    Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.

  • adj.
    Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless.

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Hey @cipher0
welcome to our forum.

In my opinion the word itself isn’t the bad thing, it is how you use it:

“I think you are stupid to do something…”

a little bit better:
“I think this was a little bit stupid to do XYZ…”

“In my opinion it wasn’t very smart to do … but now you’ve learned from and you can do it better now!”

It is a big difference between my three sentences above. It could hurt people if you “attack” them directly with an negative word. Everyone is different so someone could ignore this word others maybe have a bad day of that. We want to share ideas and discuss them here in this forum, so don’t make someone a bad day!

So have a nice day! :slightly_smiling_face:

“yes cause we are all made of sugar and need to be careful we don’t melt in the hot rain” :laughing: :laughing:

woke people are the epitome of weak… so frail constitutions that a word could hurt them…



People are not weak all the time, but online fora disconnect us from signals we’d be reading face-to-face. You don’t know whether the other person just lost their mom to COVID, their dog to rabiës or their child to some accident. You don’t know whether that person has endured constant ridicule at work or whether (s)he’s quite happy. There are plenty of valid reasons for being (over)sensitive. Why not use clear language that considers that?

As a sidenote, there are plenty of strong people that can be hurt with a word. I’m sure you can think of one for Mexican-Americans, blacks, LGBTQ, etc. It’s not that they’re not strong, but these words have been used over and over in acts of suppression and there is a cost of remembering and reliving past experiences when such words are used. We do not always know what cost a receiver is asked to pay for our words, so we should use them with caution.

“It wasn’t very smart” could probably still use some improvement. Why was it not smart? Maybe it was being naïve, so a more specific word could be more useful. Or just refrain from addressing it altogether. Just point out how to advance better, provide options, e.g. “In my opinion, it would work better if you had done x, y, z.”. In my experience, most people, given time, will realize their own shortcomings and self-correct. You pointing at better ways helps them with that. But we’re unjustly enlarging our importance when we think there is a need to point out the bad in people. They truly can do that themselves and in that, sometimes we’re our own worst enemies. I’ve also found that, in cases where one is not able to self-correct, a stranger “helping” isn’t going to do much good.

I have some work to do on this myself. I don’t always sense when I’m attempting to correct somebody else.

Man this really is a woke forum… What a sad state the world is getting to… Cancel culture , stepping over yourself to try to not “hurt” anyone’s feeling with an audience of millions… This predominant American culture export is destroying the world…good luck with that. Well luckily i’m from a part of the world where we still have some common sense…

“It wasn’t very smart” could probably still use some improvement… In my opinion, it would work better if you told them they where a blundering idiot. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: