Xerberus: Revolutionizing Risk Management in the Crypto World

Imagine having a crystal ball that could assess the risk in any crypto project, providing powerful, unbiased insights, that’s exactly what Xerberus is striving to create. We have a fascinating chat with Simon and Data Hippo from Xerberus, a crypto risk management platform. Simon takes us through his transition from the corporate world to the wild frontier of crypto and the hurdles he faced while building on Ethereum. Meanwhile, Data Hippo shares his unique blend of experience in physics, encryption, and Bitcoin, and how these have been instrumental in the creation of Xerberus.

During our discussion, we zoom in to the nitty-gritty of blockchain data evaluation for risk analysis. We uncover the process of creating a quantitative model that determines a risk score based on transaction data, all without any bias. We look at how Xerberus uses raw transaction data to spot patterns, categorize them, and then factor all this into a comprehensive risk score. And, to make it real, we’ll talk about the project of Ghana, a token that crashed and burned, and how Xerberus saw the signs of risk way before the downfall.

Finally, we discuss the enormous computing power needed to make crypto transactions transparent and the importance of their budget transparency.

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