Yoroi Trezor "Error received from server while sending transaction."

Hi, new to Cardano.
Running Yoroi on Chrome, with a Trezor for my seed.

I’m trying to send some ADA to somewhere. After going through the prompts on my Trezor, I get
“Error received from server while sending transaction.”
In my “send” dialog on Yoroi

I haven’t delegated any of my coins
I cleared my DNS cache.
Not using a VPN

Not sure what else to try.

Thanks and any help is appreciated.

Hey @jakestr8

Make sure you are using the most recent Trezor firmware and Cardano app on your device.


Trezor and up to date

  • current firmware version is 2.3.6.

Can you please try to connect your Trezor via adalite.io and check if that works? Please use WebUSB when you do so.

Thanks, apparently I’m an idiot.
I thought I’d used a passphrase when I created the wallet - so I’ve been entering my passphrase every time I tried to send coins.

Its working fine.
Thanks for the help

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:sweat_smile: Well all make some mistakes from time to time :smiley: so no problem!

Why am I get the following message when trying to send ADA or trying to stake ADA? “Error received from server while sending transaction” After searching this error message on Google, I discovered that many others are having the same problems using a Ledger-S hardware wallets with Yoroi on Chrome. What is the fix to these problems?