Yoroi wallet delegating to MELDX

Good evening all;

About a week ago I delegated ADA using Yoroi Wallet to MELD ISPO X pool. Starting yesterday, the pool name in the wallet shows as "unknown pool’ and the address of 673fc…b5bb. The first part and last part of the address matches the MELD ISPO X address. Can anyone help clarify the issue? Thank you for your help in advance.

If you click on that address in Yoroi… on which the link title shows “Go to CardanoScan explorer” on hover… you’ll see it confirms you’re still in one of the MELD pools. For instance, here is what it says for the pool that used to be called MELD8:

This is because the MELD ISPO recently stopped accepting delegation when their fund-raising pools filed up, as announced about 3 days ago. They cannot leave these pools with their original titles, because the ISPO was so successful that people would continue to delegate and the pools would probably go beyond the saturation point:

So if you’re still delegated to that pool you’re one of the lucky ones :sunglasses: and you can just leave your stake there until the end of the ISPO for a few more epochs, when you will get your airdrop of tokens :heart_eyes:

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Thank you very much COSDpool!
I had another quick question if you don’t mind. Meld’s website states that they have/had 8 staking pools. I counted 10 however. Do you know what why the difference in counts?
Thank you!

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The numbering scheme had to change a bit when MELD4 was registered by a counterfeiter: perhaps that’s why the statement of “8 pools” was never corrected. Most of the documentation about the MELD ISPO, including the white paper as I remember, states that there was a target of 10 properly saturated stake pools.

You can get the conclusive list of 10 pools on the MELD Dashboard, the same place where you can also track the rewards from your existing delegation:

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