You all seem like a nice bunch :)

Hey everyone, I’m Abs. I met some of you at the meetup last week in London. cf_jonmoss where are you? Thanks Michael P. for introducing me to Jon. It was a fantastic event, a great opportunity to learn more about ADA, and networking with cool like-minded people. I encourage everyone who hasn’t attended a meetup to sign up for the next one!

I make music-focused videos for a living, including live-stream broadcasting on Youtube and Facebook. I’m producing a short film for the Cannes Film Festival next year - a true story set in the Third World (India or Africa) - the project is being funded entirely with cryptocurrency (because why not!) :slight_smile: It’s an exciting time to be alive, right?!


Yes it is! Welcome!
Would you mind sharing a link of your YT?

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Welcome to the forum mate, nice to see you here. Hope your trip back was nice. With the beast from the east and all :wink:!

Welcome Abs, good to see you