Community Produced Promo. Video



Saw the other threads and thought we ought to jump on this and get a team together.
Seems @Ghost and @Gandalf have shown interest in this direction…

  • I myself offer to do coordination and schedule monitoring (but not all of it D:)
  • I can maybe get us some video editing (and maybe limited animation) hours
  • Would love to pitch in on the scripting and can manage that if nobody else wants to
  • Creative, of course :slight_smile:

So if you R down reply with what your can bring to the team and once we see that all the necessary skillets are present, we can maybe take it to a more private setting (Please suggest a good virtual meetup platform :slight_smile:

Khosh amadid @persia


I would like to offer graphic design and creative ideas. I have acces to the full Adobe Master Collection so if need be I can chip in with video editing (for basic stuff, I’m not a video editing legend :wink:)


Hey. I am a camera operator, editor and I deal with color correction. I have my own equipment and skills. If I can come in handy, I will be happy to help you :grinning:


If you can mention your rough location that would be helpful, we may need two timezones for this :\

I’m UTC +2


GTM / UTC + 1h


I’m happy to help with marketing. I released this in November last year:

And just made this vid for Zencash (I will be paid for this one :smile: ):

When it comes to a meetup platform. I think discord is by far the best.

I’m happy to have a discussion on the podcast:


good idea. UTC+1 here ( if someone is used to non UTC naming conventions)

I have access to Adobe Master Collection suite too, but I know there are enough people doing much better graphics and designs than me.

regarding scripting ideas: do you think more about visual/animated presentations of described informations in Cardano’s whitepapers, documents and statements, or more about practical Howto’s (buy ADAs, recover Wallets, …) ?


very concentrated and “easy reading”

Just a side node as your video mentions “decentralized PoW”

A.Kiayias in his reply to Dan L.'s accusations says …it is claimed that “DPOS” in the Ouroboros paper stands for “delegated proof of stake”, while in fact, DPOS means “dynamic proof of stake”

So it looks like - in the style of WWW - Cardano is the DDD (decentralized, dynamic, delegated) Proof of work. :slight_smile:


I was thinking a video with some kind of basic (but pretty) animation, possibly adding talking heads video or the like.
I think our priorities should be something along the lines of -

  1. Intro to Cardano - “What is Cardano”, “Why Cardano” etc.
  2. The Staking Revolution - " How communities could own their financial fate ", “The potential of distributed democracy” More big picture type things.
  3. Then maybe something tutorial-ish about using Dedalous and buying ADA

It looks like the guys at IOHK are doing an amazing job promoting the more technical aspects, recommend going for a different slice of the pie. Input welcome.


wow, so it’s all about


@Gandalf your videos is pretty much a concentrated version of what I was thinking, maybe we want to make the script a bit more “sexy-friendly” and up the graphics, pretty much.
Maybe add some excerpts of Charles talking or whatever footage else will be available to us. I’m guessing this video is free for non commercial-use (?) Would love if some of the admins could tell us anything about the licensing status…


Hi @Gandalf,
Nice videos. I wanted to point out that at 1:43 of the ZenCash video, you have a misspelling. The title is “Public Infrustructure” but you want “Public Infrastracture” :slight_smile:


Timezone is GMT +1. I have the luxury to adapt to other timezones if that would be necessary :slight_smile:.


Check out this cool cat’s video from nearly a year ago -

I wish we’ll find a way to collaborate with the Japanese community, they seem to be so far ahead of the curve…


I think the vid says POS for cardano. Pow for zencash


Thanks man. I need to learn how to spell. No autocheck in lightworks


I think this one has some gems in it that can be clipped out nicely ( 03:30, 06:30, 08:06, 09:47, 11:37 sheesh )-

Dunno IOHK position on that…

The system is blocking me for being a new user and over-posting, over-replying, you name it. So if I disappear for a bit you know why. Here’s an email in case it gets worse -
This world is hillarious :smiley:


Hey guys,

So I think we’ll “close registration” in about 24h. I’ve created this little form to register the team’s emails and coordinate meetup(s). This way we could easily see if there are enough/too-many people/skills and how we should organize.
Once everyone’s registered I will open the results for viewing.

Naturally I would never use your emails for anything else and I will not keep them anywhere but my gmail contacts. I’ve started collecting materials and I plan to do an editing session sometimes this week, so hopefully we can start rolling here before that.

Nice week ya’ll
@Bullishdong @werkof @sna3000 @Gandalf