Mid -Summer Video Contest

I have mentioned this contest in another thread and now am ready to get it going, but first: I would like some feedback from you all on how I should set it up.
This will be a BTC/ADA reward to the winner with the best video content that is Cardano focused.
I am willing to come out of my own pocket but wonder should it be open for donations?
Should there be a theme?
Should there be a focus or should the contest be open to allow film artist’s some freedom?
Should there be a tight deadline for submissions?
What would you all like to see? Let’s hear it…
Light it up guys, let me know what you all think, and do not hold back, let’s get this midsummer contest on the roll, I would kind of like to see a deadline for submission’s mid-July, with 1 week for judges to decide the winner.
One Creative Artistic Video can have a huge impact on our community - How Cardano has affected a life, How Cardano could affect a life, What Cardano has done for someone, what someone thinks Cardano can do for them, How Cardano can make true changes in the world, in my experience the artist’s of the world make a huge impact around the globe, I am glad to push the art’s surrounding Cardano, but I want you all involved with this little mid-summer contest - so weigh in and lets focus on what we expect to come from this fun contest.


We need short (30-60 seconds) videos that describe a problem and explain how Cardano will solve it.

No technical wording because this will make new comers run away.
What is easy for us is not for new comers.

Medical records
Real Estate
Many more topics

All topics are good as long as people get the point that Cardano will solve their problems.

I am actually working on it for weeks now.

I hope I can display an example soon.


For sure…
But what I will be judging is the artistic design of video’s, you could also be a judge of this contest if you like, if you would be ok with the final judging coming from myself (as the benefactor), I would love to have your insight and perspective on any submissions, anyone willing to be a Judge will not be allowed to submit a video for the contest, but… I really need help to Judge Submissions - - I also need help to get the word out to the greater community that a simple cellphone recorded video about why they are invested in Cardano could win, maybe Nostra you could utilize you’re Youtube channel to get people interested?
In any case let’s make this a contest to be remembered, it is a good time for it.


Artistic design is my weak point. I have ideas but no knowledge to make it nice and sweet to watch. It would be a honor to be judge and because I will not be part of the contest I can really promote it on my channel. What about interviewing you on this topic/idea… It could be lovely…

Let me know asap.

This contest looks like a good idea. Here are my suggestions based on what I have read and seen so far.

  1. Give the video creators a lot of freedom to make what ever they wish, it may surprise us.
  2. Set clear rules before the start of the contest.
  3. Long but clear deadline and stick to it. For example the last day of June or a set date.
  4. Allow an opening for donations.

Thanks for asking for feedback.


Let’s make a massive push with my channel, Cardano Effect channel and ADA voice channel. More people more fun, isn’t ?

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I am in the Crypto Capitol of the U.S.(WY) juggling my own personal life and Cardano and as a key player on the project I am working on I doubt I would be able to focus on an interview at this time, I will not close this window though, lets stay in contact and I will be willing to interview at a later date.

Based on your post you are willing to Judge Artistic content for this upcoming contest right?

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The feedback is important to me, I will be rewarding the winner from my own finances unless others are willing to come forward and contribute through donations.
The deadline will be set for the contest to qualify as a mid summer contest for sure.
On the rules… well there is some crypto being rewarded so i am looking for help on the Rules, anyone with experience in participating in any similar contest their feedback will be more than welcome.
Freedom concerning content, well… as long as it is Cardano focused Artist’s have no restrictions.

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Yes correct, no problem to be judge.

About the interview: we can make it audio only (no face on video) because from my own experience, if you plan to deal with donation, it always a good think that participants can know you a little more…

However, what makes you happy, makes me happy.

TAKE MY MONEY! Hehe, Have any content creators out there been thinking of working on a a Vid for this contest?

No longer interested in this community, contest or anything related to some disgusting people (Not you sir) Very sorry @anon20038177

With little support for this from Artist’s I have decided to withdraw this little project i wanted to do.

Sorry to hear that Chris :frowning:

It’s a pity Haskell. I thought it was a good initiative. You add good input to this forum, don’t stop.

Who are these people, please talk up you have a right.

Well I suppose I just went about this wrong, I have had to make decision’s alone on a contest before, this time I wanted some help, with the interest in this bieng so low I decided now is not the time, maybe a video contest would be better suited to the youtuber’s to sponsor, I dunno.
I will continue to make contributions that I see fit so do not worry, I will continue to add to this forum in some way moving forward.


There’s a lot of pressure in creating Cardano-related media. The bar is pretty high.
Maybe we should just start small and not try to explain how Cardano is going to change the world. It doesn’t need to be 100% from the get-go

Why not something like community members can introduce themselves in a short 30-sec video. Explain why they like Cardano in no expert terms, and just have more fun with it.

I think it would be easier if we all learned a little bit about each other first.

I’ll start with an intro video tomorrow if anyone thinks this is a good idea. I could use some help on questions everyone would like to know about everyone else.

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What? What bar? Thousand’s of people are involved with Cardano, which means like… Thousand’s of different perspective’s, none of us think the same, many of us disagree with each other, there is no standard on how to act within our community (well except we all hope other’s act with civility), I have a hard time understanding how other’s think Cardao will make change in the world and other’s cannot understand the changes I think it will bring, Ha! we are all coming from different walk’s of life - we all embrace different aspect’s of how Cardano can change our live’s or other’s live’s, there is no standard set to create Cardano related media, if someone is honest and believes in something they think about Cardano and how it will make an impact in the world - who can say they are wrong? What you see I might not be able to see, and vice versa, our community is full of diversity, this project was strictly about encouraging art, might be fun to start a community thread of posting an introduction vid of who we are as part of the community and why we are supporting Cardano - if you post a vid tommorow I will put one up also, just a simple introduction for fun, and to help other’s get to know me a bit.


The bar of this forum being absolutely soaked in brilliant people.



Man! I have made countless Video’s that I have scrapped cause when it boils right down to it I am not a public speaker, but you coming out of nowhere and engaging and doing a video for the rest of us to get to know each other is inspiring, its raw, honest, simple, has music, its cool! I will get one out soon. thanx for this!

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