Is anyone up to an art contest?

I think with all the extra time we have on our hands it might be time for a good Cardano Art Contest, Who thinks this is a good idea? Art brings out the best in people and competition drives people to be their best - Interested?


I like the idea! :slight_smile: But I’m not really artistic unfortunately…

Dig deep Max, Everyone I have ever met has some style of artistic talent, your artistic talent might not be recognized now as artistic… yet once you decide to utilize that particular side of your talent it will hold up as art.

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@anon20038177 Im interested, what do you have in mind?

Something epic @arwild !
I do not want to define this contest by myself (rules and such) if I can avoid it, yet many of us have extra time to really focus on something we love and I think now would be a great time to bring us together through art to share with each other.

So how do we attract the artist’s in our community to participate?

(Charles inspired this with his artsy tweet Sunday, just sayin…)

I find the idea really great but unfortunately I am not artistic.

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I decided to take to twitter and have a GIF contest that ended on the 17th.
It was cool.

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