Mid -Summer Video Contest

Cool, well done :clap:t2:

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Well thank ya!
I would say just do it in one take and speak from the heart!
We’ll appreciate all the mistakes and pauses and filler-words. It just makes you…you!

Thank you!

Soooooooooooo anyone play music?

Cardano song??

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Worth creating a thread all its own for this, Blockchain of Symphonies has been hammering down on what a blockchain sounds like, maybe there is some music there that you can produce a Cardano song from - well actually I know there is a tune there, cause you could track the ICO BTC investors transactions and put all on a board and mix it up - we owe them alot for investing in this project - might not have happened without em.

I have done one takes, I have done them with a theme, I have done them as informational vid’s, I have done them sick, I have done them in the kitchen, I am my worst critic and throw away alot of video, if I make a video you can bet on like 15 - 20 takes for me to say what I wanna say, haha!

yoooooooooooooooooI really like this idea! I’ll start looking into symphony for inspiration. Do you have any links or snippets you particularly like? I agree that we owe them some homage.

As far as your videos go, it’s alright that you’re shy/nervous… but remember that other community members are shy and nervous too… and you seem like a leader to me :wink:

“Fear of ridicule begets the worst cowardice.”
-Andre Gide