0/empty ADA in my wallet

Hello! Need help!!

Yesterday evening I was checking the yoroi wallet and seen 0 ADA.

There is an transaction ID on my wallet but I cannot understand it and which I didn’t pursued it.

Can someone help me?

This would be the transaction ID


what else of extra support do you need?
you did never do the transaction?


I didn’t do these transactions.


19 hours ago, from your wallet were sent 630 ADA To addresses addr1qxfg9wfrv5mxnwlyu45uxnuj43j7vpl4g66xf5y7yhpq54k60tszkrccx5ans7d64paxr2wlux8nhzsfkm9lsuwslhvslv90yu

It is possible that your spending password / seed words been exposed and someone hacked you.

yes…it is possible…I tried to use daedalus wallet app from android google play but later I have seen that this app is a SCAM and there doesn’t exist a DAEDALUS for mobile… My bad… I will be carreful in the future

yes, sorry to hear that!