2 Factor Authentication for Daedalus Program

Hi, I have downloaded the Daedalus wallet sofetware on my computer and create a wallet. All is well.

Is there a way to enter a password or 2FA in order to open the Daedalus program?
As of now, this program can be opened with a single click and anyone can access the wallet on it.
I am paranoid and is concerned that my computer can be hacked at any time Would be good to have to enter a password or 2FA in order to open the Daedalus wallet program.

You can actually add an additional password in order to authorize payments.

over and above setting the spending password, if you want to do a “poor man’s paper wallet” you can:

  1. write down the seed phrase for safe keeping (optimally two separate safe places)
  2. restore the wallet to another device to insure seed phrase works properly
  3. delete wallets from both/all devices

you’ll just have to restore again whenever you want to add or move Ada from the wallet.

@tomminhdo is right.
In case someone hacks your machine you need 2FA to prevent them stealing from you Daedalus. Soon we will have HW support for Ledger Nano S which supports Fido 2FA.
This will be a nice feature to add to the SW client.