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I’ve been using the Daedalus wallet for a while, really happy with it. One question, the wallet doesn’t require a password when I opening? Even though I have set this up in the settings. Any advice? Just thinking that if my laptop got stolen someone has direct access to my ADA? Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of having a wallet the first place. Really just want my ADA to be as secure as poss… Any tips much appreciated :slight_smile:

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the password is required to send funds.
I would like it if it was not possible to even open the wallet without the password though.

The folder holding your wallet private data should be encrypted.
Search for “Encrypt Files and Folders” from trusted sources for how to.

I do this by encrypting USB flash drives that hold my personal wallet info not, the blockchain itself, see how to Symbolic Links:

How to Create and Use Symbolic Links (aka Symlinks) on a Mac
The Complete Guide to Creating Symbolic Links (aka Symlinks) on Windows

You should do this even if/when Daedalus has a password prompt to open.
You are responsible for running your own bank after all.


Thanks for reply, will look into the encryption. I still think a password upon opening would be preferable, like with the Nano S ledger… Plus encryption.

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Yes, definitely would be preferable if couldn’t open without a password

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If you really want a password prompt to open Daedalus on your Mac you should check out Lock Pro, free for one app.




Thanks so much, really appreciate the reply :slight_smile:

I believe you had an option to setup a password when you first installed the wallet.

That option is for spending/sending ADA only.

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Oh good to know. thank you.

Hi, and for windows 7 it is possible to setting the same ? I prefer a password when I open Daedalus.

Thank you.

That’s a great app - big Mac user here and not heard of it before so thank you! :slight_smile:

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Great app but this sort of features should be done within the app like every other wallet.