Password for Daedalus

Hello all,

So happy I bought Cardano two weeks ago. What a week this has been. Planning to buy more before Christmas.
I have a quick question in relation to Daedalus wallet. After downloading the Wallet I set up a password. However when I open Daedalus on my PC I am never asked for the password, it opens without password entry. From a security point of view I would prefer to use a password. Is there a way of requesting password entry when opening Daedalus?
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Hi. I also am a new user with my wallet populated bought with ETH in Bittrex.

There are 7 people & 3 generations in my house and I don’t want an accidental opening of my Daedalus Wallet. It seems really, really strange that passers-by can access my wallet at will.

I wait now for someone to tell us what to do to secure the wallet.

Hi Mali3,

I have read some posts recently asking a similar question. It seems at the moment that there is no password entry required at the moment to open the wallet. However there is a password required before you can transfer in or out of your wallet. I personally would like an extra layer of security before opening the wallet. Not that I am hiding any of this from my wife. :slight_smile:

@chainomatic had a good idea for setting up a password here ( for Mac users)

Thanks for that Quantum503. I get it.

And I’ll move the wallet to my encrypted laptop. Probably should have made it there to start with.