4/22 Cardano Blockchain Chicago Virtual Meetup Recap

Lobby question: Where do you get educational resources, learn about Cardano? Youtubers? What twitter account?

Overview of what’s has happened since the last meetup
Special Guest: Israel to share what he is working on
Question & Answers

Cardano stats
+700k wallet address
71% staked
441K delegators (+57k March 31st)
450million dollars in the Cardano treasury

Project Catalyst – used to fund projects for Cardano (applications, educational resources)
Fund 5 in finalized proposals stage – developer ecosystem, defi, dapps, and growing cardanos adoption in Africa.
2m in funding round
If you’re looking to get more involved in this catalyst, be a community advisor – register by Wednesday in IdeaScale.
Does anyone have a project on Catalyst?

Cardano Africa Special Date
Thursday 29 April
Register https://africa.cardano.org/

Plutus Pioneer education program test net underway
1K+ developers participating in the program.
First to learn Plutus programing language.
Pioneer test net goes until the end of June with main net launch and smart contract est. July – Aug.

Videos are public on YouTube.

Lecture 1: Plutus Pioneer Program - Lecture #1 - YouTube
Lecture 2: Plutus Pioneer Program - Lecture #2 - YouTube
Lecture 3: Plutus Pioneer Program - Lecture #3 - YouTube

Google pay, apply pay, and Venmo support buying crypto (still can transfer) – join PayPal and square.

Cardano’s Stable coins
AgeUSD is a stable coin that is being developed by Ergo and Emurgo. Age is a algo stable coin rather than a stable coin pegged to the USD like Tether.
Other solutions are with the Erc- 20 converter stable coins that run on Ethereum can transition over to Cardano.

Cardano vs. Polkadot
Polkadot used Cardano’s Ouroboros as “inspiration.”
There is a difference with the governance models.
Cardano has Polkadot beat with decentralization considering the percentage staked and the number of delegates.
Cardano scalability solution with Ouroboros hydra.
Cardano has over 100 peer-reviewed research papers.

Cardano’s potential impact in Africa
Being able to use your phone for digital payments.
Digital Identity
Supply chain traceability
Storing credentials and records.