Check out the first Cardano monthly update of 2021!

Check out the first Cardano monthly update of 2021! :fire::mega:

Watch Tim Harrison & Aparna Jue as they shared all the latest on all things Cardano, with fresh news, product deep dives, Cardano Foundation team interviews & the latest Goguen development progress.

Video content:

0:00 Welcome to 2021

1:33 Plutus Playground with Vukasin Vukoje.

7:41 Vukasin Vukoje discusses native tokens, the pre-production environment while giving us an update on our ERC-20 work.

10:16 ERC-20 converter demonstration with Vukasin Vukoje

12:34 Timeline update with Aparna Jue.

16:11 The upcoming Mary HFC event with Kevin Hammond.

27:27 Lessons learned from the devnets with community statistics.

32:02 Moving Daedalus forward with the voice of our community leading the way.

43:20 EMURGO’s Nico Arqueros and Sebastien Guillemot look back at a year of Yoroi.

53:47 Pushing Project Catalyst forward with Dor Garbash.

59:20 Meeting the winning proposers of Fund2 on Project Catalyst.

1:06:01 Mark Griffin and Dynal Patel with an update on Atala PRISM and a demo.

18:18:08 Illuminating our commercial vision and illuminating the market with IOHK’s Jerry Fragiskatos and Colin Edwards.

1:41:35 The Cardano Foundation’s mission with Chief Growth Officer, Eva Oberholzer.

1:49:53 Hey David!

1:52:31 Closing comments and a look to the future.

Watch the latest product update here: :point_right:

- List of Links from the show -


Plutus section:

Introducing new Plutus Playground

Plutus Playground - Video Tutorial: Compiling and testing a Plutus App

Check out the refreshed Plutus Playground

For additional support and resources sign up here

Native tokens section:

Read all about the native tokens on Cardano

Cardano Native token deep dive

Sign up for our devnets program: Link 1 and Link 2

Learn more about Cardano’s Devnets

EMURGO section:

Yoroi Wallet

Watch a “Designing a Stablecoin Protocol” presentation by Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo

Catalyst section:

Join Project catalyst Fund 3

More on Project Catalyst Fund2 winning proposals

Atala section:

Learn more about Atala PRISM & Full Demo of Atala PRISM

Commercial section:

ICYMI: IOHK partners with Wolfram to power Cardano

Cardano Foundation section:

More on metadata

Workshop on Metadata

David Orr:

Check out David’s latest video on Plutus Playground

Closing remarks:

Ergo Summit

Atala PRISM - full demo

Ben Goertzel & Charles Hoskinson discussion on decentralized social media