Digest February 19, 2024: Messari Report: Cardano Q4 2023, Catalyst Fund 11 Results, Cardano Foundation's Activities Part 8, Developer Blog: Rejuve

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Messari Report: State Of Cardano Q4 2023


Messari recently released its ‘State of Cardano’ Q4 2023 report, which highlights significant growth in the Cardano ecosystem. The total value locked ranking moved from 34th place (industry-wide) at the beginning of the year to 11th place by the end of the year.

The value of stablecoins locked on the network also saw significant development. The report also mentions the release of Midnight’s specifications. Development of core infrastructure projects, including SanchoNet, Hydra, and Mithril, continued. For more details view here the full report.

Catalyst Fund 11: Results Are In!


As the curtain falls on the voting phase of Catalyst Fund 11, the Catalyst team recently announced the results of this round of funding. In a remarkable display of community engagement, around 8,000 wallets collectively cast over 300,000 individual votes to determine the selection of 300 projects to be funded in this round.

For those of you eagerly awaiting news of their projects, follow this link to explore the results:

Driving Blockchain Technology: Cardano Foundation’s Activities Part 8

In the recently published blog post “Driving Blockchain Technology: Cardano Foundation’s Activities Part 8,” the Cardano Foundation’s focus on blockchain education is detailed. It highlights initiatives such as the Cardano Academy’s Alpha program, its educational work with Brazil’s state-owned energy company Petrobras, and its sponsorship of students at the University of Zurich’s summer school.

The Foundation is also actively involved in academic research and hosts a weekly “Let’s Talk Cardano” webinar series. The blog encourages community participation to improve Cardano as a practical public infrastructure.

Developer Blog Series: Rejuve

In the most recent Developer Blog, we take a look at Rejuve. Jasmine, CEO, and co-founder of Rejuve, provides insight into the project’s mission to address human aging and longevity challenges. The decentralized research network uses AI and blockchain to reward data contributors, deliver personalized insights, and establish connections with trusted providers in a Web3-based ecosystem for longevity.

The decision to launch on Cardano reflects their commitment to decentralization and governance. Jasmine discusses performance, highlights the unique features of the Longevity App, and outlines the future roadmap.

The interview concludes with a look at the key partnerships contributing to Rejuve success. Read here.

Other Cardano Related News

  • The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has examined staking protocols and made a differentiation between custodial and non-custodial approaches. Custodial staking, seen in Ethereum and Solana, poses risks as users surrender control to stake pools. FINMA stresses regulatory obligations for investor protection. Non-custodial protocols, like Cardano, enable token holders to retain control, with automatic reward distribution and no slashing mechanisms. Read Charles Hoskinson’s comments on this development here.
  • Recently, IOG published a new blog highlighting Plutus V3, which is currently running on SanchoNet, Cardano’s testnet for decentralized on-chain governance (CIP-1694). This release brings a better developer experience, streamlined smart contract deployment, cross-chain interoperability and other improvements to the Cardano ecosystem.
  • This blog from explorer.io serves as an extension to the recently published State of Cardano Q4 2023 report from Messari. The author took reports from other projects and compared some data with that of Cardano’s.
  • In one of his recent videos, Charles Hoskinson discusses various aspects of the crypto industry, including Bitcoin ETFs, stablecoins, and the influence of regulated institutions on blockchains. The conversation revolves around the question of whether crypto is replacing the legacy financial system or vice versa.
  • Discount code for Teamz Tokyo Event, courtesy of EMURGO. Source

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