A big wave from The Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

Hi Cardano community!

I am doji, a software developer from the Philippines. I am a big fan of Cardano because of its awesome roadmap. I joined this forum for me to know more about it and hoping to contribute something to this community in the future.


A big wave back! Welcome @dojistarr :slight_smile:


Thank you so much !

Kamusta :slight_smile:

Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your creations!

Ayos lang. Are you filipino too?

Thank you. Hopefully I can contribute someday :grin:

Hi … nice to meet you. Do you know other Cardano fans in the Philippines? I’m based in Singapore currently but I’m interested to do more in the Philippines.

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No not Filipino but I know the language a bit :slight_smile Philippines definitively have a lot of potential for Cardano uses. For example the large group of offshore workers who send money back to Philippines with the banks / western union and such taking quite big profits from these operations. Or how there is a lot of local market economy (many raise pigs for example) that could be very efficiently managed with Cardano. Also in general so much potential as when even just having a reading light at evenings would help many who study.


Hello. Many Filipinos believe in Cardano project :smiley: There are Cardano PH communities in facebook :smiley:

Hello dojistarr,

Thanks … FB seems very popular with many Filipinos!

However, one site I found (http://fb.com/groups/CardanoPH) doesn’t seem active any more. I registered to join but no replies yet and no posts there in a while. Do you know any other groups that are active?

Charles will be doing a Cardano Singapore Meetup on 19 July and I wonder if anybody in the Philippines would be interested to live stream it.


I think that’s an inactive group. :frowning: I will find an active one.

Hope that you will have a meetup here and build a community. Because right now, NEM is the only crypto community that is actively holding meetups here.



Sige ba. Buo na tayo cardano PH!

Hello Dojistar

Good to see you on here, welcome

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Thank you so much!

Nasave ko na pre. Nagtext na din ako

Probably better not to post contact info in a public place, that’s what PMs are for.

Okay thank you! :slight_smile: Im just newbie I will delete it thanks again

may group na kayong nabuo? count me in! Hopefully d2 lang sa NCR ang meet up haha