CQ DX... Greetings from the Philippines!

Hallo guys… I’m arman, just a nobody from the Philippines who really loves Cardano. After reading the papers, I envisioned to build a community of DApps developers, Stake Pool operators and ADA Cryptocurrency users in our country. I was a former Free and Open-Source Software advocate and privily involved in some open source projects.

I do believe that Cardano (Ada) is the future that will really help the economy of those developing countries such as ours. God-willing.

Ahh what else… just a cypherpunk who loves programming, table tennis, and amateur radio (an ancient wireless P2P :stuck_out_tongue:)



Saludos amigo desde Mexico aqui estamos para lo que necesites :wink:

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cosa segura Alexei… gracias! :slight_smile:

Welcome! Very glad to have you. I think it’s going to be some interesting years ahead so looking forward to your contributions!

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Thank you @Donnybaseball, I do hope I could contribute even just a little…

Sir Charles Hoskinson inspired me a lot…


Kumusta Arman!

The Philippines is full of possibilties when it comes to Cardano. Here is an idea I was working on to cut the bank middle man for the 20 billion usd (2012) sent in remittances every year: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1i8n5OxkMLwJDohpfOktiNp44ncQNnSuopnSOqqpPxFc/

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Hi Eystein, mabuti po ako! :slight_smile: Kumusta po?

I agreed with most of your ideas and it was a very thorough study. You really knew the culture and how the system works here in our country.

At the moment, there’s a Coins.ph service here in our country in which you can create an account, load it up with cash through several channels available including thru online banking, and from there you can convert your cash to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. It is authorized and regulated by the Central Bank of the Philippines. Not only you can convert your cash to coins, but also you have a hot wallets that can received the aforementioned coins.

And with the said hot wallets, you can use it pay your bills, load up your prepaid phones, received cash remittances from Western Union in which you can then convert to coins, and other several services that is currently being used now by the masses.

I already contacted them and proposed to include Cardano (ADA) in their list of digital currencies. I will do my very best to work with them and hope and pray they will include Cardano (ADA) and so we can promote even more Cardano (ADA) since they can actually really use it.

I do love your ideas and I also have a lot of ideas in my mind. But for the mean time I currently have a problem using the mark and logo of Cardano and attaching the word Philippines (country) with it due to trademark issues. You can’t just simply use Cardano Philippines or Cardano Community Philippines. I am still trying to figure out in what way the people in our country will know that we do have a group or community that actively promoting awareness of Cardano.

I knew those things because last week, out of excitement and love for Cardano, I registered a domain name Cardano.ph so we can start a Cardano Philippines community. I then created a social media page in Twitter and Facebook dedicated of course in the promotion and awareness of Cardano in our country. Even with just a few weeks since I discovered Cardano, I managed to learn a lot of materials and launched a Stake Pool node in Haskell TestNet; because I also want to let our countrymen know about Staking Pools so in the future we will have a strong network of nodes here in our country and of course also an opportunity for them to have some passive income.

But I got a notice from the Foundation that I can’t simply just attach our country name after Cardano. Out of my love and respect for Cardano, and to avoid confusion and preserve the integrity of Cardano Foundation, I yielded and submitted myself. I am in the process right now of dissolving what I have just started since last week. Maybe I should focus for now to learn more about Cardano and continue the Stake Pool I have started since I already bought the servers and it’s currently running well.

Maybe someday we could find a way to unite the Cardano DApps developers, Stake Pool Operators and ADA cryptocurrency users in our country and build an active community without mentioning our country Philippines.

All these plans and ideas that I have, already submitted to God. Again, I do really love your ideas Eystein and we do hope that someday they will be realized for our beloved country and its citizenry.

God bless!

– arman

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