A Deleted Yoroi wallet


Installed yoroi chrome extension some months ago. I deposited cardano and deleted the extension. I check my balance through cardano explorer. Everything looks good. Is my assets still in risk eventhough i deleted the yoroi extension from my chrome? Can hackers access to my seed even i deleted it some months a go? is a deleted yoroi chrome extension always in risk?

Hi @Amir_Kian,

Once your yoroi wallet is deleted someone (or you) who wants to get access to it again has to use your recovery phrase. So if that person (or you) dont have those recovery words, they can’t do anything with your funds and your ada will be absolutely safe; again, as long as nobody else but you holds the recovery phrase.

By the way, as long as the extension is not deleted, somebody who has access to your computer still needs your wallet password (which you set when creating your wallet or restoring it from the recovery phrase) to steal your ada. I hope this answers your question?

Thank you! is it possible to recover the seed phrase from the deleted yoroi extension? If someone get access to my pc is it possible to recover the phrases from hdd

No that is not possible!
Just make sure you don’t save the recovery phrase on your computer. Or any internet connected device. Best is the good old paper

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Hello @Amir_Kian, welcome to the community forum.

As @ADA4Good has kindly replied it is not possible for anyone to access your key through the Yoroi extension -whether you removed the extension or it is still installed. This is impossible even for yourself -once Yoroi shows you the mnemonic the first time, it will never show it again- so it is your responsibility to make a note of it.

These words can be easily verified by following the instructions shown in the image below. As you can see - and personally check in your browser - the key itself is never saved on the computer, but is encrypted with your spending password before being saved. This is great news, but note that it also means that the simpler the spending password you set, the weaker the security with which your key is stored.


If you would like to verify how secure the encryption method used by Yoroi to store your key is, and how unlikely it is for an attacker to find your passphrase using a brute force attack, please read this article:

BIP39 brute-force complexity (or how hard it is to break someone’s secret words)