Chrome stores your encrypted yoroi password

I read that if you download yoroi on your android your password is stored on this correct? Isn’t this potentially very risky?

I think you’re probably misunderstanding what you were told so let me try and explain what I think you read:

When you create a wallet, you are given a “recovery phrase” (15 words in the case of Yoroi). This recovery phrase is not stored anywhere (it’s up to you to make sure you remember it!). As long as you have you recovery phrase, you can restore your wallet anytime.

What you were probably told is that the same recovery phrase works in both Yoroi Mobile and the Yoroi Extension. This is not an automatic thing. You have to physically write down your recovery phrase somewhere, go to the Yoroi Extension, and then enter the recovery phrase yourself. However, if you manually do this, you will end up with the exact same wallet on both Yoroi Mobile and the Yoroi Extension.

Yoroi doesn’t store any information on our servers beyond just the blockchain itself.


Thx a lot Sebastian