A few questions



I like the name of the coin (Cardano the italian mathematician), so I got interested in it.

I got a few questions:

1.Since the coins aren’t mined but were offered/created initially, what stops the Cardano team from simply creating/making more if they feel to do so?

  1. There seems to be a lot of rumble around proof of stake (which is going to be implemented soon) being insecure, and what bothers me the most in this case , if i stake my coins and an error occurs, that means i will lose all my coins that are staked?

  2. Why isn’t there a security measure for coins that get sent to a wrong/invalid address? This may be one good thing about banks , they have the possibility to correct errors…

Appreciate any feedback


Regarding the first question, the fundamental technology of blockchain is that once the rules and standard are created there is no way of creating more ADA, without doing a hardfork that create a new blockchain (For exmaple, that’s what happened with Bitcoin Cash & Ethereum Classic), therefore it is impossible for the team to create more ADA.


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