A thought on Bitcoin Digital Gold and the mining

I just watched Charles Hoskinson’s YouTube episode on Bitcoin being Digital Gold and the mining.

As an “Anti” Bitcoin person, I think the idea sounds pretty ok.

Once upon a time I asked myself “why am I “offended” by bitcoin?”

among a list of things one is

I felt that People who aren’t even interested in bitcoin are helping pick up the check because of its environmental footprint and recently I read that it cost 2,3, or something billion dollars to rectify its footprint. *not that other stuff isn’t leaving a footprint but when are we going to draw the line?

The irony may be that the mining and its energy usage is what is has given bitcoin’s high price.

Somewhere behind that “curtain” for a lack of better words i imagine that the people who “Really Really” like bitcoin are people who have high interest in energy companies.

I read yesterday that Russia will be supplying Kazakhstan with energy to mine bitcoin.

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I don’t think you’re completely right about this.
Consider the energy used to extract gold from mines; is gold worth that high amount of energy consumption?
Bitcoin could be the future gold and the energy used to extract it is definitely lower than current gold…