About increasing the size of Cardano mainnet blocks by 8K

Before the weekend, an update proposal was made to increase Cardano mainnet block size by 8K. This change will take effect later today at the boundary of epoch 335, Monday 25th April @ UTC 20:20:00. The current block size is 80KB, and after this change, it will be 88KB

This 10% increase represents a significant network enhancement which will help continue to increase throughput and DApp performance. It is the latest in a series of planned network optimizations we’re making to continue scaling Cardano throughout 2022.

Once deployed, we shall monitor network performance and behaviour closely over at least one epoch (5 days) to determine the next increment. Cardano has seen phenomenal growth in recent months, with performance improvements to match.

With a huge recent rise in transaction volume – and significant further growth expected – we’ll be continuing to very carefully monitor and steadily optimize the Cardano network as we grow.

Cardano is one of the most decentralized blockchains in the world, built for correctness and security. As the ecosystem grows, we’re focused on delivering the scaling phase of our roadmap; improving speed and network capacity while maintaining security and decentralization.