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i’m based in Hong Kong and i’m interested to help Cardano (ADA) thrive.

Any thoughts on how i can assist?


I created a meetup group for Vancouver Canada, I’m hoping it will be a great pilot group for ADA users.

Where Can I post within the forum to possibly attract more users?



What about some funding for meetup.com groups because that would be a good place to find people.


New York City meetup.

To share my enthusiasm and knowledge about the Cardano project I started a meetup in New York City. Anyone that shares the same sentiment about Cardano or would like to learn more, please join and lets grow this local chapter!

Join here: https://www.meetup.com/New-York-Cardano-Meetup/


This is nice. I would like to start one in Ghana. Any advice?


I wanted to propose a Seattle meetup in March…but it doesn’t let us make a new topic to have a discussion about that?
Is there some reason the category is locked with only one active topic - i.e. meetups can only be done by IOHK directly? And if so, can you advise when is the Seattle one lol :wink:



I have nothing to add about the forum’s mechanics. However, I am interested in participating in a Seattle meetup. HMU, @MegaWind


Any meetups in Malaysia or Kuala Lumpur?


Hello everybody!
I am organising First Cardano meetup in Bratislava which will be probably also first Cardano meetup in Central Europe :slight_smile: Here is the event https://www.meetup.com/Bratislava-Cardano-Meetup/