About the recent rating - corrected



IMHO: This must be a crappy rating. Chinese non-governmental rating on the ADA is A-. There is no doubt that bitcoin is A+, if you really invest in cryptocurrencies and treat them as your most valuable asset. This body may be suitable to give soda rating. :disappointed:
Charles said most of the smart contracts currently being set up on ETH are junk, and 40% of them have serious security holes. Maybe we should also do a rating to tell people that artificial trans fat are AAA+++…In the past, ETH has been rolled back the blockchain, and Parity wallet has been a lot of big problems. If it is me, I will buy a lot of ETC instead of ETH!!!
If my ADA is frozen, stolen or rolled back in the future, I can mail my head to you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Added: Sorry I just saw this Weiss rating results = Ada in top 5 I was also fooled by the fake news, I subscribed to rating email but I do not know why I did not receive it, and I can not open their website either.

Already received the mail!