Accepting Cardano Payments - API?

Hello all,

I know this question has been asked on Reddit and other sites, but I have not found a clear answer. I’m wondering if there is any support for accepting ADA payments for ecommerce sites? I’m fairly certain there isn’t anything now, but has anyone heard of anything like this in the future or are smart contracts supposed to handle these type of transactions?

Also, is there any API that interfaces with Cardano’s blockchain or will there be?

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There is an API for Cardano SL wallet:


Beautiful. Thank you!

The old API is deprecated. Check V1:

Future API releases could be found here:


I’d like to add Cardano as payment gateway to my Property website. How can the value of Cardano be adjusted to reflect the actual value [ FIAT value]? Is Cardano ready to be used as payment gateway?