Do you accept Cardano as a payment?

Hey guys, I’m wondering if any one of you actually gets paid with Cardano for your services.

I just decided to accept ADA for ads on my blog (you can buy a link here; even though my blog is in Russian, most of my readers speak at least some English).
Actually, anyone who pays with Cardano gets 10% discount.

Right now it’s only my blog, but I’m thinking of other ways to accept ADA (for example, getting paid for my development services).

How about you?

It’s a great idea as long as you remember ADA isn’t what one would call a ‘stablecoin.’ If you accept smaller amounts to minimize the risk of any loss due to volatility, you should be ok. Just don’t get burned.

Thanks, Martin, volatility is a thing to keep in mind.

Personally, I would prefer to be paid in a more traditional way for my living expenses, and “hodl” the ADA as an investment.

By the way, it was pretty exciting to hear that a BBQ restaurant from Japan has implemented an ADA payment system. Would be great to have more places (or websites) like that.

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That particular ad format doesn’t seem to be on demand at the time, so I’m going to remove that particular page from my blog. However, I will still accept crypto as a payment whenever I can.