We need more big merchant services accepting $ADA. Let's start with Coinbase Commerce?

Hi guys,

One of the main complaints I hear about $ADA is that there are very few real world use cases, and very few merchants accepting it. I want to do my part, and start accepting $ADA for my jewellery site.

Back in 2017 I was among the first to accept $BTC for payments for my Shopify store, but once the bear 2018 market came in I was getting no orders at all in crypto (strange, right?! everything was so undervalued back then!).

At some point I migrated from Shopify to Wordpress/Woocommerce and didn’t bother to connect again my coinbase commerce account as there was 0 interest in people paying in crypto. My account got deacticated.

Fast forward few years later, and I finally decided to re-activate my Coinbase Commerce account, with the main purpose of accepting $ADA as payments. I assumed that after so many years that Coinbase Commerce would finally have it as payment option. Sadly here’s the list of available coins that I found:


So Bitcoin Cash or DOGE are fine for payments, but not Cardano, the most decentralized crypto of them all?

Is it about time we change this?

Please, let’s start pressuring Coinbase to accept $ADA for their Commerce accounts. We have done it once, we can do it again! I personally emailed them, will tag them on Twitter, post on Reddit and do everything I can to bring some awareness to the issue.

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Hello, the problem our pool faced in the past is specifically to service Giving Block which is a major crypto donation service, that many mission driven pools would benefit from.

This service is not currently accepting ADA because it’s using Gemini exchange as backend which doesn’t support it. So perhaps adopting Cardano by Gemini would be useful. We already sent them e-mail in past and got this as response:

“We cannot provide if or when we decide to support Cardano on the exchange.”

It’s a big mystery to me why Gemini is still not accepting $ADA. It’s the only top 30 coin that it’s not listed in their exhange. What big games of hidden interests are behind this?