Store Accepting Ada

Hi Guys,

I wanted to introduce myself to the community, I am a Cardano investor from the beginning and I am completely in love with the project.

I create and sell A-Game nootropic supplements, we now accept Cardano :slight_smile: Although I will say it could turn out to be the most expensive bottle of nootropics ever purchased should you choose to utilise your ADA now! It is more a show of support than anything else right now.

Come and check us out at

Edit: For clarification if you do want to use ADA until an ecommerce gateway supports us you just need to fire us an email or chat on FB.

Thanks all


Neat! :smiley:

Thank you for the support!! )

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welcome and great that you accept :ada:


@A-Game, unfortunately, your products seem to be unavailable in my country, so I didn’t manage to test the whole ADA payment thing :smiley:

Can you please describe in some details how exactly you manage the client payments from the technical perspective? This would be really interesting to hear :slight_smile: I mean do you have a Daedalus wallet and do you automatically generate addresses, or how does it work?

btw, we have a nice dev. community in our Telegram, so if there are any questions about the tech stuff - please, feel free to ask in there, or DM me. We at Emurgo will be happy to help and support any innovation and adoption like this :slight_smile: :+1:


Sadly, they are not really accepting Ada:

Show of support that leads…


Nowhere :neutral_face:

Hi all,

Thanks for the interest.

As you are probably all aware there is no ecommerce solution for ADA , we have requested to adopt ADA (as I beleive many others have) but no joy as yet.

At this point on request we will supply a Deadalus address and enter the order manually. I have performed this a couple of times for BTC so thought it would be nice to get behind ADA.

If anyone has any info on an ecommerce solution for Cardano I would love to hear about it.

Many thanks


Welcome @A-Game Alexander :slight_smile:

I’ve always been interested in nootropics - listened to quite a few podcasts about them (Tim Ferriss / Kevin Rose etc).

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Hi Jon,

Yes they are fascinating! Tim Ferris and Aubrey Marcus were definitely a big influence in steering me onto this path.

As I have a vested interest in the Cardano Team leading the way, if you are interested please use this code to save 25% - ILOVEADA

All the best!

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Hello and welcome to the Cardano community and forum :slight_smile:

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It’s great to see Cardano lined up with your payment options :+1:

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HI, as i see your store don’t accept ada yet, i’m leading one payment startup, which provides such solutions, contact me here that we can talk about it.

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What about this

Regards from Denmark