Coinbase Commerce - CoinPayments

Would be great if we could get Cardano on these two. As a merchant I use both as they have easy integration on many platforms.

Not sure about Coinbase but CoinPayments has 100s of shitty coins even option to “add token”.
I have to educate customers on my store to use Litecoin due speed and fees, as their btc transactions get stuck and Ethereum fees are horrible for withdrawals and change all the time.
The ADA would be PERFECT.

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It will possibly happen, when coinbase lists ADA though. About coinpayments, haven’t even heard about it.

As one thing you can, from your position, do is telling them what you’re telling us, if you didn’t already.

That’s the kind of moves that help pushing the boundaries. One thing is IOG experience and/or inherent interest in the subject, and while you are already adressed, other thing is you personally tell them about your experience.

As consumers of any product we do have more power and control about this kind of subjects than meet the eye.

And of which the companys don’t want us to know. (not sure why altough, since serialization is long time dead…)



And of which the companys don’t want us to know. (not sure why altough, since serialization is long time dead…)

my mistake, they don’t want to us to know overtly, while they are doing it covertly with the massive data gathering for consumption purposes.

More info:

I see they have all tokens except Cardano which I found strange. When they have “add token” option :joy: Using them on store and other site with wordpress plugin.
Dunno if they are good or not, for me works good, but present everywhere,thought it would be very easy to estimate and get listed.
If idea is others should approach Cardano then ok I got wrong idea.

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IMO Cardano isn’t getting the deserved adoption and news coverage beacuse C.H. went rogue leaving the ethereum project and by telling those leeches to f*** off.

That said, and as usual, the some sort unwillingly, consumer gets black hat robbed by “the robber barons”. Which we all well know who are. (sorry for the off-topicish)

I meant to approach the enterprises themselves. Like the coinbase commerce support, same to coinpayments.

IOG and CF are already doing a big lot. They have to double the effort due to the biased and mingling press/corporations we have in existence.


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as i understand, Cardano will complete Rosetta API soon, so it will be easier for exchanges and payment platforms…

CoinpaymentsNET has simple plugin for Shopify stores, so yes it would be good to have ADA on it.