*Action Required* Mary Hard Fork - Upgrade to 1.25.1

Attention SPOs. The Mary hardfork is occurring today at the epoch turn.

All you need to do in preparation is upgrade all nodes to 1.25.1. Make sure your nodes are running GHC compiler 8.10.2+ prior to updating.

Also, a number of Prometheus metrics have changed, so after updating be sure to run:

curl -s -m 3 | sort

and clean up any reporting tools which may be dependent on these changed parameters

See you on the other side …

Your Friend, FROG


Thanks @ADAfrog

i have done all this.
can you please reminds me the command how to check the GHC compiler?

i want to be sure for the next block :slight_smile:

was stupid question

i checked it with
cardano-cli version
:slight_smile: so easy


it could be also checked by command:
ghc -V


ghc -V
The Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compilation System, version 8.10.2

correct , thank you

we are ready for Mary

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What is this command doing?
curl -s -m 3

That is a Prometheus endpoint, it’s how things like Grafana pull metrics from your nodes.

Yeah but the curl is pulling something to where?

It’s outputting the raw metrics, so you can manually add/remove/update any parameters that have changed between versions.

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