ADA address with 100 transactions for cointracking support

For the implementation in the system an ADA address with about 100 transactions is required.
Can any of you help.

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Hello and welcome @21btcClub. Was the answer provided in this (German) topic not sufficient? ADA Adresse mit 100 Transaktionen für Cointracking Support

Happy to help, just let me know what you need in addition to that.
(Great that you are working on a Cardano integration :raised_hands:)

Thanks adatainment for you help. Your answer to my German topic yesterday I forwarded directly to the support of Cointacking and the addresses will help to achieve the implementation in an optimal import function of ADA. Work will continue on Monday and the developer of Cointracking will observe this and the german topic.

Sounds good. I have sent you my email address as a private message. If they need anything, it might be more direct and faster.