ADA Coin as Payment – What do you need to know?


Last week Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona announced to the global cryptocurrency comunity that we are now acceptingthe Cardano ADA cryptocurrency as a form of payment. This makes Hotel Ginebra perhaps the first business in the world to do so!

So what is ADA? Ada is a cryptocurrency that allows peer-to-peer payment.

In other words, to pay for your stay at the hotel, no middle-man is required. No Visa or American Express or PayPal , just to name a few, with their centralised way of operating. By accepting ADA as payment, accommodations worldwide will be able to save on large amounts of commissions which will eventually result in better rates for you, the customer…


That’s very useful - thanks Tom.

Yes, certainly a first for the Cardano community this!

Where you able to check in with just a name, number or other information you provided (without an govt ID)? In other words, were you able to check in anon? How did they handle the “incidental” fees they usually charge to your credit card, if there were any?