ADA Giveaway! All you need to know about YouTube , Twitter, Web Site ADA giveaway scams in 10 seconds!

Run this video on a loop until you understand the message :slight_smile:

Not convinced yet? OK. Lets do some math. :nerd_face:
Here is what usual giveaway scam looks like. There is a stolen video of Charles with some “Go CADANO Go!” slogans to get you excited. Then they tell you if you go to some website (that sounds legit-ish) and send ADA in just a few moments Charles will send you DOUBLE the amount of ADA back! Yes 100% return on your money in just a few moments. Example below (I did remove the website name, just in case :wink: ):

To participate you need to send minimum of 3500 ADA (however I seen them go as low as 1000 ADA) and some say you can do in only once, because they can tell if you are using the same wallet. But that’s not a problem since anyone can create as many wallets as they want in a minute.

So lets say it takes 3 minutes to send ADA to them and they send you back. You transfer ADA in another wallet and you are good to go again! Total maybe 5 minutes?

You send 2500, now you have 5000
You send 5000, now you have 10000
You send 10000, now you have 20000
You send 20000, now you have 40000
You send 40000, now you have 80000
You send 80000, now you have 160000
You send 160000, now you have320000
You send 320000, now you have 640000
You send 640000, now you have 1.28 Million

That’s 9 transactions at 5 minutes each and you made over a million ADA! You still think this is not a scam? Let’s keep going…

You send 1.28 Million, now you have 2.56 Million
You send 2.56 Million, now you have 5 Million (just gonna rouned it down to closest mil at this point)
You send 5 Million, now you have 10 Million
You send 10 Million, now you have 20 Million
You send 20 Million, now you have 40 Million
You send 40 Million, now you have 80 Million
You send 80 Million, now you have 160 Million
You send 160 Million, now you have 320 Million
You send 320 Million, now you have 640 Million
You send 640 Million, now you have 1.28 Billion! (Yes with ‘B’ )

That’s another 10 transactions at 5 minutes each plus 45 minutes for starting transaction. Not bad :sweat_smile: in 1 hour and 35 minutes you became a billionaire. Lets keep going!

You send 1.28 billion, now you have 2.56 Billion!
You send 2.56 billion, now you have 5 Billion! (Rounding down again only a few mil :wink: )
You send 5 billion, now you have 10 Billion!
You send 10 billion, now you have 20 Billion!
You send 20 billion, now you have 40 Billion!
You send 40 billion, now you have 45 Billion! Wait?!? What?!? Ahhhh… we reached the max. There is only 45 Billion ADA in existence. So in about 26 transactions and 27 wallets you were able to get all ADA in existence in just over 2 hours! :money_mouth_face: :money_with_wings: :moneybag:

If you join crypto movement… ANY crypto and decide to be your own bank you MUST educate yourself about safety of your holdings. If you are not sure or it sounds too good to be true, check first and ask questions. Very small time investment to prevent huge loses.

Hope this helps :grinning:
… and keep your ADA safe :ada: :+1:


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Anytime I see this scam I report it. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


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Chuck Norris doesn’t read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.


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Chuck Norris breathes air … five times a day.

:rofl: Since you brought up Chuck… Did you ever see this :triumph:

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Thanks for the information and just to mention another thing that is frequently happening to me.
When i comment on your videos in YouTube i get reply from these dummy profiles to send text to WhatsApp number if i want “investment advice”. This happens almost every time i have screenshots but it doesn’t allow me to upload them because i am a new user :slight_smile:

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Didn’t knew this; not bad, not my favorite one though! =)

I guess I have hundreds of chuck’s to bump the topics, I’m already having a big laugh every day I go there and crack 3 open! xD


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When God said, “Let there be light!” Chuck said, “Say Please.”

I just reported to YouTube a ‘live’ scam going on this very moment! I’m in the states and it was using a video of Charles. The video was using an account called Cardano Company and looked 100% legitimate. Sending in ADA to get more, set off the alarm for me.

I’m going to contact the Cardano investors on YT to ask them to spread the word on this criminal activity.


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I see them everyday. They do the same for ETH and BTC. These videos appear in the recommended feed for anything related to crypto. I am getting tired of reporting them as it does not seem to change anything. YouTube should have an algorithm to flag these scam setups.

A lot more Cardano news is bringing a lot more scams lately. Any one that can, please spread the word to the newcomers. :smiley:

Another big news cycle for Cardano is on the way this December. Make sure you let newcomers know about these YouTube crypto scams. :v: :ada: :v:

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Now that panic is in, at least we will relax a bit from those giveaway scams :stuck_out_tongue:


Scammers have a new strategy now. After they hijack a YouTube channel and broadcast LIVE for the scam giveaway, they replace the LIVE footage with a clock countdown, so by the time reports come in the video that is posted looks like this:

So, now they are not being shut down as quickly when reported so they are reusing the same hijacked YouTube channel for multiple LIVE streams. If you see this just flag and report and stay away from hijacked channels.