ADA Giveaway scam online now 07/15/2020

Let us get this garbage removed.


@precious_access fantastic to see you being proactive in the fight to stop these proliferating on the Web.

Another thing we can do in an effort to combat these, if we all could, when posting to inform others of these is to use a html <nofollow> tag before the link, this way we don’t give them link juice.

Thank you again for your contributing effort to stop these scammers it’s always great and refreshing to see proactive folks :vulcan_salute:


Wanna join the Ring @precious_access? We like your style :dark_sunglasses:.
You’re actualy in it already :smiley: .

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@precious_access please could you use <nofollow> html tag on any links thx :vulcan_salute:


<a href=""rel="nofollow">Link text</a>


<nofollow> </nofollow>


Could you elaborate?

Censorship is lame. Why flag a word that is not really a word since it has * in it. This reply was flagged by someone. lol Hopefully this will not leak over to governance or ADA will not be real crypto.

Excuse me, I’m not following thx :vulcan_salute:, I’m just saying that if you post a link to a scam your giving Link juice to the scams to counteract this is to use the html tag mentioned above.

The link to the other thread was my elaboration.
What would you like to know @precious_access?