ADA Scam Giveaway on YouTube Lets get it taken down

They have a transaction ticker going. They claim to be from the Cardano Foundation. Its a Scam giveaway of ADA.

Yes, Have reported this and many others as “spam or misleading” and now I get more than ever at the very top of my feed! reporting them seems to multiply them

I feel the same. It’s crazy, totally crazy.

I think that some password manager or something might have been hacked (infected with a keylogger perhaps) because there is a lot of old accounts (and big) doing these streams.


Well said
And what about the quantity of live viewers and subscribers?
Thousands and thousands appears to be watching live
Is Youtube being hacked or those are real numbers in some respect? :thinking:

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good question :grinning:

Old and new accounts:

As you can see a lot of Minecraft videos, is he hacked or did he sell the channel?

I have seem many channels with lots of videos having these streams now.
So there is some kind of hack that’s been going on.

I think that many channels have somehow been hacked.
So i think that this is a lot bigger problem then just crypto scams…