ADA Rewards Rate Suggestion

From what I managed to read around, the expected yield for ADA seems to be around 3% to 3.5% yearly, once Shelley is up, although there is nothing engraved in stone yet.

Wouldn’t it be a nice gesture to reward the faithful community by giving a 10% yearly rate instead?

It could either be a first year rate only, reverting to 3% -.3.5% afterwards, or even better, a regressive yield that would start at 10% in the first year and diminish each subsequent year in order to finally achieve 3% - 3.5 % at some point.

Would it be too inflationary? Maybe not that bad in the long run. After all, ADA is a long run project.

Tezos has a similar model and seems to be doing well, without a really noticeable inflationary pressure on its price, although those things can be a bit hard to track.