Proposal, inversal percent stacking rewards

Hi all,
I have been thinking about ada stacking rewards when time will come.
I thought we could make a little less rewardly for the people who own more adas, the reason of this is distribute adas more evenly among the adas owner population.
God if you own millions ada, I think you will be reward enought soon, if not now.

The proposal as I thought to be subject to adjustements should sound something like that:
coinsideration of all ada account countings.
rank 1 accounts to lower 10% ada holders: Full stacking rewars.
rank 2 accoutns to lower 20%: full stack -10%.
rank n accounts with bigger ada: half full stack rewards.

that could be something like this.
rank1 ada from 0 to 500 = 9%
ada from 501 to 1000 = 8%
from 1001 2000 = 7%
2001 to 3000 = 6%
from 3001 ada = 4,5%

What would be your thoughts about that?

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This is attempting to bake in wealth redistribution into the blockchain.

As a HODL’r of ~1k ADA, and a proponent of wealth distribution, I am definitely in favor of this. I think this helps balance the issue of the rich get more voting power a bit too.

I’m not a fan of discrete levels and would be more inclined for it to be a function of your ADA.

I also don’t see how this could work given that if I had a million ADA, I could split it up into 1000 wallets, thus circumventing the reward reduction. Would love to hear a way to counter this.

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Haha, it’s “staking”, rhymes with steak!

Sorry, that’s all I have…

Not feasible (and not desirable imo).

I thought if we rank the low tier small enought, won’t be enought incentives to make multiples wallets.
for 1k ada with 1 million you still need 1k wallets, i think that would take some kind of effort to do that.

If not we can make wallet from 0 ada to 1 ada giving full rewards.
that would give also big incentives for people to get in with small amount…

I know the best way to deal with it should use a identity blockchain mechanism, i think…

@BraveSummoner and @wes-r,

The fact that this is not feasible now does not mean that it will not be doable in the future.

Ada is just a tool, not an end. The economic activity, opportunities, that Cardano is bringing into the markets is the real value, not the price of Ada, yes it is matters but not in the way most think it does.

Having said that look for different thinking Ada pools to open.


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