ADA stolen, can you trace?

Hi there,

I have absolutely no idea how this happened. My mobile wallet on iOS is secure, phrases are kept in an encrypted service, my Mac is secure.

But somehow my staked ADA were transferred on 12/31 at 9am.

Can someone look at the explorer and tell me if there is any thing suspicious about this…I mean, aside from the fact that I didn’t do it?

It honestly seems like an error of some kind.

Here’s the transaction ID

And here’s a direct link to explorer:

Sorry to hear that. They seem to be moving the stolen funds between different wallets and addresses. In the end some funds were kept at wallets that stake with EVE4, some ended up here, some here and then moved further… :confused:

There are really many many ways how someone could steal your funds. Hardware wallets tend to be most secure when used correctly. There are other options too, but those are less user-friendly.

Thanks for tracing that.

I have seen the other forum posts and have noticed a really incredible amount of scam activity in the cardano space.

I know that these things happen, but they haven’t ever happened to me in any other ecosystem. Is there something inherently vulnerable about the Yoroi wallet?

I have done some research and what I have found is that the scammers use keyloggers or screencapture. Sophos writes about all kinds of malware, there’s a newsletter and you can search. It doesn’t seem possible to have something on your phone or Mac that os capable of initiating a transaction. The wallet is then reconstructed and then they move the assets.

Still, I would be very reluctant to store cryptocurrency on either device. After all, my iPhone was never designed to be used as a safe, only to make phone calls and similar.

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