I am curious… I look at what happened in the previous BULL-BEAR market cycle for crypto… a lot of the old ALT-COINS like NXT seem to have disappeared now. But when they came out they were well supported and seemed to hold a lot of promise for the future.

Is it possible that Cardano will go the same way?

I can see that right now Cardano is very well supported and there is a lot going on with it in terms of development. Charles in particular is really kicking ass > in fact, Cardano without Charles and IOHK leaves me wondering — Charles and IOHK will only be with Cardano until 2020 - but is that enough time for Cardano to get completed? What will happen after that?

I can guess that NXT started with great new ideas and they built out a platform - but once it was running it became hard to change and update, and it became easier just to build new platforms like Cardano, EOS, NEO etc etc rather than “fix” problems with NXT. >>> but won’t this pattern happen all over again in a few years with a new crop of coins replacing the current crop?

My own struggle with crypto is that I would really like to use it for payments for my business - but when I tell clients they can pay me in crypto, and they ask, OK, HOW? …what am I supposed to tell them??? [ok you get a coinbase account blablablabla… it’s ridiculous!] I would love to fully start using crypto in my life for everything but there is no easy way to do it! FRUSTRATING!


Charles has said IOHK will stay with Cardano until the job is complete.


I wonder what that is supposed to look like “when the job is complete” >>> is Cardano supposed to eventually be something that can function in a decentralized manner just like BTC?

Yes :slight_smile:

but from my understanding projects like EOS and XLM don’t ever intend to be totally decentralized…

I don’t think a platform like Cardano is ever done. I would assume the original builders and architects like Sebastian and Charles would stay involved proportional to their personal interests and Ada investment.

I would compare it to how Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Howard Schultz (Starbucks) stepped away, changed roles and sometimes returned to right their respective enterprises.

…but what about the first part of my OP… why can we assume that ADA will thrive while projects like NXT died? I mean, when NXT started out people were also incredibly excited and hopeful about it also… but alas. . . . . collapse… now nobody cares.

Who assumes it will thrive? I see many people with hope and faith in the team and the tech, don’t know anyone who just assumes.

With over 1 BILL market cap that is a lot of people with a lot of money who are obviously assuming success otherwise they and their money would be gone. NXT has less than 30 MILL so clearly not so many assume much about that project anymore.

MarketCap of 1 BILL does not necessarily mean that 1 BILL has been invested into the project. It is simply the amount of circulating coin supply multiplied by the price per coin of the last transaction (simplified formula).